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Posted On Friday April 12, 2024

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

In the month of April, I am focused on sharing stories about the Grandfather Teaching, Humility, and about core value commitment, wellbeing in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan.

Chase Secondary School’s Map of Resources and Learning for Staff

Principal Gartrell shared a poster of their school learning plan goals and initiatives that was designed and developed by the school coordinators, Telisa Johnston and Justin Leonard who worked in conjunction with graphic designer, Cory Edwards, on the design process for this document. The staff who worked on the plan made a link to the value commitments and “Seven Grandfather Teachings” in the District Strategic Plan.  These teachings are in parentheses beside each area of focus in the school plan.

In the top-left corner of the picture (left), Report Cards (Honesty) are one requirement for all teachers and students. The staff have connected this category “honesty” because it is a time when children, parents, caregivers, and staff take an honest look at progress to date. Next, moving clockwise, Competency-based Individual Education Plans (CBIEPs) are focused on students’ strengths and areas of growth, and connecting to “humility” by recognizing that learners always have opportunities to learn and grow. The third category, Indigenous Culture and Identity Development (Courage), is associated with “courage” because as they “participate in Indigenous events and activities” and learn about Indigenous histories, perspectives, and traditions, every person is reflecting on and rethinking colonial histories and perspectives, which requires “courage.” Attendance Benchmarks (Love) is a goal to have improved attendance because every child feels a sense of belonging in school. A sense of belonging and inclusion takes unconditional investment in and love of every person for who they are. Literacy Skills (Wisdom) is about their commitment to build every student’s competencies to reach and exceed literacy expectations. Student Adaptations (Respect) is about knowing each student and the plans that define their strengths and areas for growth. The last category, Core Competencies (Truth) is about providing students with opportunities to connect to a competency (e.g., critical thinking, collaboration, communication) that they are learning when they engage in classroom activities.

As we enter into the last three months of the school year, school teams are working together to review their plans and to plan for next year. Staff learning is necessary to ensure optimal student learning, and this is one example of how staff collaborate to mentor new staff in key priorities aimed at supporting student learning and the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan (a five-year plan based on student results).

Heavy Metal Rocks

The Kamloops-Thompson Board of Education is committed to the Career Development Priority to ensure that students explore diverse learning experiences in real world occupations.

Heavy Metal Rocks is an annual event for grade 11 and 12 students who apply to take part in learning about operational aspects of running heavy equipment in the field. The Heavy Metal Rocks Program in SD73 is celebrating its 16th year in operation. The program provides opportunities for students to explore career choices as heavy equipment operators in a variety of industries.

This year 32 grade 11 and 12 students from SD73 will gain experience operating heavy machinery with one-to-one guidance and mentorship from a certified operator. Students also receive certifications in first aide, site safety, WHMIS, forklift operation, and aerial platform lift operation. Read more.

Congratulations, Corey Yamaoka- South Kamloops Secondary Athletic Director

Congratulations, Corey on achieving the Citation of Excellence as an Athletic Director! This award recognizes the outstanding individuals for excellence as an athletic director and the hard work and dedication shown to improve the student-athlete experience, enhance the school’s athletic program, and build the school community at large. The Athletic Director leads by example and consistently demonstrates the values of their school and BC School Sports while finding new creative ways to support their coaches and student-athletes.

District Parent Advisory Council

It is time for PAC’s to apply for their gaming grants for next year. Applications are open from April 1st to June 30 and the details can be found here:

If PAC’s would like some help to apply they should reach out to DPAC at:   for support. Late applications are unlikely to be approved. This grant provides $20 per student to Parent Advisory Councils and can make a big difference to students and schools.

Budget Consultation

We engaged in our public budget presentation on Wednesday, April 10, 2024. For parents who missed it, you have access to watch it on YouTube and to provide budget feedback. More information is available here.

Enjoy the longer, warmer days and for getting outside to be active and take time with family, friends, and pets.


Rhonda Nixon, PhD


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